3 year old funding

Questions and answers for 30 hours funded places from September 2017

Who is entitled to the 30 hours funded places in our setting?
Children who are 3/4yrs old may be entitled to apply for the 30 hours funded places, however there are set criteria’s that the parents must come under.

How do you go about seeing if your child is eligible for the 30 funded hours?
To see if you are eligible for their 30 funded hours you must go to www.childcarechoices.gov.uk website, there will be various links to guide you through on how to apply. Once you have applied you will be given a decision straight away to state if you are entitled or not.

What do you do once you have applied and are successful?
If you are successful in your application you will be given an eligibility code and a expiry date, you must take these details to your nursery provider before the start of the term along with you National Insurance number to be able to claim your hours.

Can the funded hours be took in more than one setting?
Yes it can only be took over two settings .

How long can the funded hours be per day?

The funded hours can be no more than 10 hours per day.

If you are on maternity can you still apply for the funded hours?
Yes you can

If you are on a zero contract can you still apply?
Yes you will have to check your eligibility on the Childcare Choices Website.

How long is the funded hours for?
The funded hours only cover up to 38 weeks of the year which is term time however you can speak to the setting and see if they offer a stretched period if you require to split the funding over the whole year.

If you wish to take more hours per week outside the funded hours can you?
Yes you can do more hours outside the funded hours this will be between yourself and the setting and you may be charged for any extra hours that are not in the funded hours for that term.

If you wish to take up a place and you wish for the setting to hold your child a place can the setting ask for a deposit?
Yes the setting can ask for a deposit to secure a place, this will be given back to you at the start of the term.

Can a setting charge a registration fee?

No they cant, but they can charge if you are privately paying for extra hours

Is there a separate contract for parents whose child receives the 30 funded hours?
Yes there will be.

If your child already attends a setting will they automatically be able to increase their hours once they are eligible for the 30 hours?
No they don’t have to however you must speak with the setting and if there is availability then Yes your hours will be accommodated.

If you want your child to start half way through the term are you able to sign them up for the 30 hours?
No unfortunately you must take up the 30 funded hours at the start of the term.

If you are a single parent are you eligible for the funded hours?
This will depend on the individual circumstances so it is best to check the Childcare Choices Website.

Can the setting charge for any additional services i.e. food, snacks, wipes, nappies etc?
Yes they can this will be down to the individual setting.

For information on funding please click here to visit the child care choices website.