Full Time 8am - 6pm£180
Five Mornings 8am - 1pm£120
Five Afternoons 1pm - 6pm£120
Full Day 8am - 6pm£39
Morning 8am - 1pm£27
Afternoon 1pm - 6pm£27

We accept funding for children who are 2/3/4 who are entitled, we also accept children who wish to take up the 30 hour funding. We accept most child care vouchers,

Little Monkeys Nursery includes the following in their sessions:
• Breakfast 8am-9am  (toast, cereal etc)
• Lunch 11.00am-12.00pm (home made hot meal and dessert by Jane)
• Tea 3.30pm-4pm  (sandwiches and fruit)
Healthy snacks and drinks of milk and water are provided throughout the day. (Special dietary requirements will be catered for)
If you do not want your child to have our food at Nursery you are welcome to send your child in with a packed lunch.
Little Monkeys Day Nursery will be closed for a week over Christmas and on all Bank Holidays.
Holidays for each year will be displayed in the Nursery setting.

The Nursery will still charge fees for the following absences: Sickness, occasional days off,  all Bank Holidays, Christmas holiday and  family holidays.