Important Information

Below are just some basic important information for all parents. For full polices and procedures please request from any member of staff

Packing for Nursery

Parents are to provide the following for their child’s day at nursery.
• A change of clothes (we suggest you label your child’s clothes)
• Nappies and wipes (if needed)
• Nappy cream (if needed)
• Bottled formula milk (if needed)
• Dummy/comforter (if needed)
We suggest that you label all your child’s clothes and belonging to reduce the chance of items being misplaced.

Nursery Closures

Little Monkeys Day Nursery will be closed for a week over Christmas and on all Bank Holidays.
Holidays for each year will be displayed in the Nursery setting.

Child Absences

The Nursery will still charge fees for the following absences: Sickness, occasional days off, all Bank Holidays, Christmas holiday and family holidays.

How To Pay

A months fees in advance will be required prior to your child’s start date. You can pay cash for the first couple of weeks/months and then a standing order must be set up for the beginning of each week/month.  Any extra sessions must be paid in advance before your child attends.


If a parent/guardian feels they have a complaint or an issue either involving their child or involving our nursery setting, you are first advised to discuss the matter with a member of staff or the nursery manager.
If the parent/guardian feels they cannot approach a member of staff in the nursery, or they feel the issue is not being solved, they can approach the social services department at the following address.

The National Business Unit
Piccadilly Gate
Store Street
M1 2WD
Tel No-0300 123 1231

The nursery staff and manager will make every effort to resolve the matter within the nursery setting. All complaints are recorded and investigated. Serious complaints will be reported to OFSTED within 28 days. Copies of any complaints are displayed at the entrance to the nursery.

Settling In

All the nursery staff at Little Monkeys will work in partnership with parents/guardians in order to settle the child into the nursery atmosphere.
You and your child are welcome to come for a visit to our nursery before their start date if you feel this will help.
There is no time limit on settling in a child, as every child is different.
We will give the child the time and attention needed to ensure they settle in to our nursery environment
During the first few weeks when your child starts nursery we encourage parents/guardians to stay with their child for a period of time, then gradually decrease the time they stay, until the child feels at home in our nursery.
If your child has any comforters you are welcome to bring them to the nursery to help them to settle in.
When you leave your child at our nursery, you are welcome to phone up or visit your child at any time in the nursery day.


The authorized person(s) stated on your agreement must collect your child. If that person is going to be late or if any changes are made the nursery staff must be notified as soon as possible. If the authorised person is unable to collect their child you must notify the nursery staff of who is going to be collecting your child. It would be helpful if we could meet them in advance or a photograph/password can be given to a member of staff.

If a family member or friend that we have met before arrives to collect your child, and you have not informed us of this, then a member of staff will contact you and confirm before we let your child go.

No child will be allowed to go with any person unless the nursery staff have been informed.
If a child is not collected from the nursery and staff cannot contact the child’s parents/guardians, then Social Services will be contacted.
At least two members of staff will be left to look after a child that has not been collected.