Our Rooms

We have three main rooms which are split into age groups two are open plan, a decorative outside play area, three nappy changing rooms, purpose built toilets, staff and laundry room and our very own kitchen providing home cooked meals.
Each room is equipped with the toys and equipment needed for that age group.
The rooms are bright, comfortable, they have a quiet area and meet all health and safety requirements

We provide sleep mats for the children to have a sleep on. Each child has their own sheet and blanket which is washed each week or as required.
Water and drinks are made available to the children throughout the day. Drinks are offered on a regular basis for the children that are unable to ask for one.

Baby Room

A warm welcome awaits your baby in our fun, energetic and friendly room.

Toddler Rooms

Two well laid out rooms featuring a roll play area and plenty of educational equipment

Pre School Rooms

Two large open plan rooms with which allows lots of natural daylight and an airy feel while the children play and learn


A covered outside play area which is based on the Wirral waterfront over looking the fantastic Liverpool Skyline. Plenty of beach themed items to play with