You can learn more about our local authority’s Special Educational Needs (SEN) offer by clicking clicking here

How will you know if my son/daughter needs extra help?

Here at Little Monkeys we believe that all children have a right to be given a solid foundation to begin their journey into full time Education so as a childcare professional it is our job to provide the children with opportunities for them to grow and develop to the best of their abilities. It is very important to identify a child with SEN or a disability at an early age so we can get them the support that is needed. To do this we will follow each stages of their development by close observations, baseline assessments, planned activities and ongoing reviews. We will get to know your child as an individual so we are able to identify any extra needs that they might have.

What should I do if I think my son/daughter may have special educational needs?

Here at Little Monkeys we are always monitoring children’s development, so if you have any concerns regarding your child you can come and speak with your child’s key person. They will then be able to pass on any information to our SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) alternatively you can go directly to them if you wish. They will liaise with you to identify any specific areas of development that they may need help with.

How will staff support my son/daughter person?

The staff will support your child in many ways such as day to day routines, plan and evaluate activities for them and observe and keep track of their development. We would also put together an EHCP (Education and health care plan) PCP (person centre plan) or behaviour plans etc. These will then help us to support other members of staff to help care for your child in the best possible way or we can arrange for other organisations to come in to help us get extra support for your child if it is needed. The SENCO will work closely with you, your child key person and other organisations to monitor and review your child’s progress regularly.

How will the curriculum be matched to my child’s/young person’s needs?

In our setting we plan for each individual child so there are many ways to help your child learn and develop whilst enjoying and having fun, we provide activities which focus on them as an individual and their likes and how they learn best which in time will enhance their development e.g. your child/young person may be a visual learner so we will plan activities using visual props i.e. Computers, V tech equipment, flash cards, Tablets with educational programmes etc. The children are also encouraged to join in all activities and play that are taking place and the staff will adapt the activities to meet their needs to comply with the EYFS framework.

How will I know how my son/daughter is doing and how will you help me support my child’s/young persons learning?

When you bring your child in you will be greeted by a member of staff (when possible it will always be their key person) they will spend time speaking to you about what they have done, ask how they have been etc. Your child’s/young person’s key person will put together a Learning Journal (Jungle Journal) which will monitor their learning and development and you will have access to these journals any time you wish. Each term you will receive a parents report from your child’s/young person key person, the report will go through each area of development and give you a better insight of were they are at. We offer parents mornings were you are able to come in and speak to the key person, go through the journals and also see their work that they are doing. If your child is 2 years they will also receive a 2 year assessment which covers the 3 main areas of development within regards to the EYFS. You can request a daily diary from your Key person so you can have a daily report of what you child has done that day. If your child has any plans in place then these will be reviewed every 8 weeks so we can ensure that there needs are being met. As a parent you may wish to find more information or gain more advice so you can now go on onto our website and visit the “Local Offer” which will tell you lots of useful information. Here at our setting we have an open door policy for parents this means you can pop in at any time and speak with the staff or come visit your child/young person and see first hand what they are doing.

What support will there be for my son’s/daughter overall well being?

Staff will support your child’s overall well being within the setting by taking the time to review your child’s development on a regular basis and will change or adapt things to help them if it is needed The SENCO and the child’s key person will keep you and other professionals up to date to maintain a strong partnership. Staff will receive training and updates on a regular basis to help us maintain continuity of care. If your child is in need of medication which has been prescribed by a doctor then this will be given by a senior members of staff once written permission is provided by the yourself, if your child has a medical condition that requires the use on ongoing medication through specialist equipment i.e. injections or feeding tubes or IV drips then staff will be trained by a professional on the correct procedures on how to use the equipment and how to administer the medication. We have changing facilities with in all rooms so it is private to maintain their dignity if needed. If your child shows signs of any unwanted behaviour then we do not exclude them from our setting we have a behaviour co-ordinator who will work closely with your child’s key person and put in practice a behaviour plan. If needed we will get in contact with other professionals for support. Your child’s views are very important and we always listen to what they want and try and encourage them to be more independent. They can choose what they wish to do and express their views through play. Your child’s voice will be heard.

What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by you?

Here at Little Monkeys Day Nursery Ltd we work alongside many other professionals and agencies that help and support us when needed including speech & language, health visitors, portage workers, early year’s intervention officers, paediatricians, school readiness team. We will always contact other professionals if we need extra support and we feel their help will benefit your child

What training are the staff supporting my son/daughter with SEND had or are having?

Our SENCO is fully qualified in child care and education and has worked in the childcare profession for many years she has also had the most relevant and up to date training on SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability), she has also had an outside professional come in to help and train her on the new procedures and paperwork which she is now confident in completing correctly. She has regular contact with other professionals and agencies with regards to receiving extra training and updates. She is first aid qualified and she will organise training on specialist medication. Training the staff is very important so our SENCO passes all her information and knowledge onto other staff members through meetings and in house training.

How will my son / daughter be included in activities outside the classroom including school trips?

At Little Monkeys we do not discriminate so ALL children are always included in any outings or trips that we go on, it is the responsibility of the staff to change and adapt the outings to suit your child’s needs and also comply with the EYFS statutory framework. If the staff are going out they firstly need to asses were they intend to go and check for additional facilities if needed i.e. wheelchair, or changing facilities, they would have to consider staff/child ratios. If medication or emergency medication was needed who would be responsible? Have they had the relevant training etc Depending on your child’s needs prams, reins, wheelchairs will be taken. No child will miss out

How accessible is your setting/school/college environment?

Our nursery is a 3 floor building with our pre-school on the top floor all our entrances and exits are wheelchair accessible. If your child were in the pre-school we would install a stair lift to make it more comfortable for the child to go up and down the stairs, we have regular fire drills with in the setting so the staff are confident bringing the children up and down the stairs safely. We have changing facilities for all rooms and the toilets are on a lower level and if it is needed we will adapt to the specific needs of the child. If your child had dual languages we will do our best to encourage both languages to be used whilst in nursery, the staff will work along side yourself and make flash cards including both languages to encourage speech we would also invite an interpreter into our setting to help us communicate.

How will you prepare and support my son/daughter to join your setting/school/college, transfer to a new setting/school/college or the next stage of education and life?

Before your child were to start our setting we would invite you both in to come and have a look around and meet with all the staff, we will organise some settling in sessions for your child which you can come along to, this gives you the opportunity to meet with the staff and get to know them and ask any questions, it will also give the staff the best opportunity to meet your child and find out all about them, their likes and dislikes and if they need any additional help. Your child will be given the opportunity to settle in to a new surrounding and meet new adults and children, we will do as many settling in sessions as your child needs. When you child moves from room to room the key person will work alongside their new key person and settling them into the room and pass all their files and journals on to them. If your child leaves our setting to go to school our pre-school room leader will prepare them so they are school ready, they will plan activities around transitioning and take them to see their new setting, your child’s new teacher will be invited to come and look around the setting and meet your child so they can get to know them in a familiar environment. We will arrange a meeting with your child’s new teacher, yourself and their key person from here to discuss your child’s additional need. It is important for us to help prepare your child for new experiences and new chapters in their lives.
How are your resources allocated and matched to my son/daughters needs?
All our equipment is bought for specific room with regards to manufacturing guidelines however if your child were to need any specialised equipment or equipment that would help their development in any way we will go and get it, if it was something that would benefit your child but wasn’t easy to purchase we would look in to applying for grants from the local government. By us being able to meet with you and your child before they start gives us the opportunity to go out and purchase new equipment if we do not already have it in the setting.

How is the decision made about what type and how much support my son/daughter will receive?

Through working with yourself your child’s key person will liaise with the setting’s SENCO and any outside professionals were a PCP (person centre plan) and a EHCP (Education health care plan) will be completed. This will help ensure that your child receives the support they need. The extra support that your child receives will be monitored to see if it has helped with their development. To monitor this we will carry out regular reviews and assessments and track their progress.

Who can I contact for further information?

If you require further information on anything you can contact your child’s key person, the SENCO or the Nursery manager who will be happy to help, alternatively you can go through the local authority by going on the “Wirral Local Offer” this will provide you with information and links to schools and other organisations.
Can staff get extra help from experts outside if they to? (E.g. advice and training on medical conditions)
Yes it is important that if we have children in our setting who have any medical conditions that all members of staff are aware of their condition and how they are treated i.e. if we had a child who was tube fed or needed regular injections then all members of staff would need to be aware of exactly how to use the equipment provided and the best way to do this would be to get a professional or an medically trained expert to come into the setting and train all staff on how to use correctly. We would do this before the children were to start. We also work along side closely to a portage worker who offers support to our children we would ask her to come in and meet with the staff to train us on how we can support the children in different ways. We have regular contact with other outside professional who we can speak to if we need any advice.

How will the information about the child be circulated to all members of staff and who will be responsible for that?

It is the responsibility of the manager to make sure that all relevant information about your child is passed onto the staff accordingly. With in our setting each room will have a list of children who have medical requirements and what is required. If your child has needs with regarding his/her learning development then the manager will hold a meeting with your child’s key person and also the SENCO so all relevant information can be passed on. If you felt that you would like to attend the meeting before your child were to start you would be more than welcome to attend so you can pass on you r input to the members of staff. We pride ourselves in having a good positive relationship with parents and it is important that all relevant information is shared in the correct way, all meetings that are held are kept confidential and the staff are informed on things that they only need to know as we must maintain the child’s well being and also their right to privacy.