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Early Years Foundation Stage 2012

All Early Years practices must comply with the new and improved Early Years Foundation Stage which will become affective from 3rd April 2017.  It is our job as and Early Years Practitioners to provide every child who comes to our setting with many opportunities to learn and develop which suits their own individual needs and that they are kept healthy and safe. We are here to promote future learning so the children can build their own foundation to their future life.

It is important that the children feel confident within our care as their prime areas of learning will grow and flourish. To do this every child must be given the opportunities to develop their personal social and emotional development their communication and language development and their physical development. Once the child is competent in these areas of learning their specific areas will follow.

The Early Years Foundation Stage sets out many principles to help both parents and practitioners work together to get a healthy balance of learning. To do this each child will have their own key person who will set up new and exciting activities for them to do to help them achieve and by the key person assessing the child on a daily basis they can build up a learning journal to pass on to the child’s parents to view and read whenever they want which is important as they can then pass on any comments back to the key person. Children learn at different paces so it is important that the activities either adult led or child initiated are tailored to the individual child not to a specific group of children. All children who are two years old are required to have a progress check which is a written summary from the child’s key person covering the three prime areas of learning and development. The progress check is designed to identify the child’s strengths; it also shows what we will plan for the future to help them to progress further. We work alongside the Health Visitor Team to make sure that all children are seen.

For a child to  learn well they must feel happy and safe in the surroundings so it is important that when implementing the Early Years Foundation Stage all welfare and safeguarding requirements that have been set out are met as these are a legal requirement, they cover child protection, suitable people working in the nursery, staff to child ratios, health, food & drink, heath & safety, suitable environment and premises, equalities, record keeping etc

We feel that in our nursery we provide all of the above and is our our aim to provide each and every child with opportunities to grow and develop to the best of their own abilities to shape their future. To do this we have staff who are enthusiastic and care about what they do and understand the main principles for each and every child and family who come trough our doors.

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